About us

Wild Wolf Tactics is formed by 3 members that have been addicted to the sport.
In the beginning of 2018 we have formed this squad and took some attention in the community.
This quickly got us into becoming a full performing team that’s not afraid to take any challenges!

The team mainly formed out of members with a Turkish heritage, but all are born in The Netherlands.
Our members are handpicked and go trough a trial before they can call themselves a Wild Wolf.

We have our own set of rules and live by it. One of the important ones is having mutual respect to anyone in the sport.
We thrive in a pack and complete our missions with specific designed tactics.

As we are a MilSim/TacSim team, our goal is to act and behave like a serious one.
Having fun while doing our ops is one of the pro’s of it.

As of June 2020 we are a division of Airsoft Anatolia.

Team camouflage

The lion and the tiger might be stronger, but the wolf does not perform in the circus!

A division of Airsoft Anatolia